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About Us
  Blooms & Greens Pte Ltd was incorporated in September 1992 to operate a hydroponics farm. Blooms and Greens has experimented extensively into hydroponics farming to derive a compatible system for the tropics. Blooms & Greens are goal orientated. Their mission is to push the edge in hydroponics technology and results.

Blooms & Greens' main objective is to produce quality hydroponics vegetables to their customers. Blooms & Greens' facility is located at 19 and 20 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore. Blooms & Greens has over 10 acres for productions of hydroponics vegetables, research and development of new crops. With these facilities Blooms & Greens is developing new hydroponic systems and perfecting nutrient formulas to enhance flavour in food crops for higher nutritional value.

Why everyone loves Blooms and Greens produce?

Grown in homeland Singapore using the state of the art technology, Blooms and Greens is an unique hydroponics vegetables grower. Our hydroponics vegetables are grown in a biologically controlled, pesticide-free environment.

Blooms and Greens has been esblished for more than 10 years in the hydroponics industry. We continue to adapt the latest in technology to remain with the industry's leaders. From seedling to shelf, the Blooms & Greens label has epitomised the standard that we provide to our customers. Our team has a hands-on commitment to deliver high quality standards to our customers.

Our produce are harvested from our controlled environment and delivered to our customers in our own monitored trucks. This practice assures our customers that they are guaranteed of freshness in their produce.


60 PLOT LCK 92
Lim Chu Kang Lane 3

Singapore 718885
Tel: 65-6754 6227 Fax: 65-6754 7789
Email: bgreens@singnet.com.sg

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